Antenna Setup

Have you ever needed help setting up your hdtv antenna?

Watch the video below to learn how!

If you still have questions on proper installation contact us!

Installing an outdoor UHF HDTV Antenna

Installation Tips

* As seen in the video we prefer using a two bow-tie or four bow-tie UHF antenna. The antenna used in the video above is a two bow-tie antenna. It is important to know there is a front and back to the antenna. The front of the antenna needs to be pointing towards the TV translator site serving your community. (view picture one)

* For optimized antennas installations, we prefer mounting the antenna outside the residence. Attic installations can be adequate. If your roof top is metal it will not work.

* If installing antenna with dish or cable network, it is best to run a separate coax line for the antenna.

* Antenna user can feed up to 3 separate TV's utilizing a two or three way spliter. Feeding more TV's may require an amplifier. Marginal locations may require other techniques. (contact KTTA with questions)


* Connecting your antenna to your T.V. - Use RG-6 cable. Old style flat twin lead cable is strongly discouraged.

Correct (Vertical) Installation

(Horizontal) Installation

Please rotate your device ;)